The Power of Administrative Flexibility


When it comes to full-service administration services on a qualified plan, there is a strong industry trend towards the “unbundling” of services. This means having separate, objective, professional providers for investment and administrative services.

•There are no hidden charges with an independent Third Party Administrator (TPA).  This is not always true when administration charges are “packaged” with other investment charges, and the services cost is often built into the product.

•Specialists supply plan-level administrative services.

•Continuity of service is maintained as investments are added or changed.

•Vendors of investment services may change; yet the administration provided will remain consistent.

Whether you come to Pension Professionals, LLC for a start-up plan or the takeover of an existing plan, our qualified plan professionals can recommend a plan type, provide design illustrations and discuss administrative capabilities.


We have expertise in the administration of the following plans:

•401(k) Plans

•Pension/Profit Sharing Plans

•Defined Benefit Plans

•403(b) Plans

Our services include:

  1. Technical consulting

  2. Plan design

  3. Compliance and testing

• Annual plan design review

• Signature ready IRS Form 5500 preparation


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